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Strobe Flash S2000 GN20 Inon Set (W/ Optical Cable + Ball Mount)
Code : 53035
Deskripsi :
  • Inon S2000 S-TTL Underwater Strobe
  • Same fundamental features as D-2000 in ultra comact body
  • Guide Number 20.
  • Circular 110 degree beam coverage with a diffuser
  • Precise "S-TTL" mode & 12 step "Manual"
  • Built-in EV. Controller to fine-tune S-TTL Auto exposure
  • Next generation wireless TTL
  • Powerful 4 x AA batteries operation
  • Minimum recycle time of 1.5 seconds at full flash
Marginally downsized with high-performance
64mm / 2.5in x 83.1mm / 3.3in x 106.5mm / 4.2in (W x H x D). Successfully designed world smallest body size as 4AA operated underwater strobe with its optimized inner components layout and trimming off unnecessary space. Best suits with a compact digital camera, supporting digital SLR camera with its mobility, incredible compact size even as dual strobes and high performance. The S-2000 totally changes underwater strobe concepts.
Not only compact strobe
The S-2000 is operated by 4x AA batteries to provide fundamental features of strobe though 4x AA batteries operation is hostile to downsizing. The same level of basic features and durability as the D-2000 and marvelous high performance are driven with its compact body. Together with powerful and substantial Guide Number 20, the S-2000 benefits you with fast recycle time (minimum 1.5sec. at full flash) and remarkable flash capacity thanks to less inner wiring and efficient component parts. In addition to reliable and super accurate S-TTL Auto mode mode, 12 step Manual mode supports professional lighting. Other features the EV. Controller to make fine adjustment when shooting in S-TTL Auto and auto-switching function to accommodate to various pre-flash type (single or double pre-flash) digital camera.
Next generation wireless TTL function
The S-2000 strobe has ultra sensitive slave sensor which is 100 times more sensitive comparing to the slave sensor of D-2000 Type 3 strobe and successfully enables to support wireless S-TTL Auto flash control without using an Optical D Cable. Also the sensitivity of the slave sensor dramatically lengthens synch range of Manual flash mode. The package s a Wireless Connection Kit which optimizes built-in flash light reception at the slave sensor. It is easy to use wireless S-TTL Auto shooting simply attached the strobe on compatible underwater housing via INON Shoe Base Set or Grip Base D4. You can enjoy shooting vivid underwater world with powerful external strobe with holding a rig one hand. Using Optical D Cable connection ensures more reliable flash sync in severe condition with bright ambient light just under surface.
Unlimited expandability with optical cable system
The "S-2000" strobe is equipped with a connector mount on the front side to receive TTL signal of the strobe. One "S-2000" strobe can be linked to maximum two strobes via optical cables and operate them in [S-TTL Auto mode]. This optical cable system benefits you to add [S-TTL Auto] operating strobe easily by connecting with an optical cable to pick up S-TTL control signal is piched up from your camera system. This expandability makes underwater studio with perfect lighting real.
Natural color even with a diffuser
Beam angle without a diffuser is 105° x95° which increase to circular 100° with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser for S-2000. The diffuser is made from customized material not to change color of strobe light strobe color temperature drops only 100K (Kelvin). You can have same color tone between macro shooting without the diffuser and wide shooting with the diffuser to widen strobe beam angle.
  • Strobe Control: Mode S-TTL Auto / Manual / TTL Auto (*3)
  • Connection: Wireless connection / Optical D Cable / Optical D Slave Cable
  • Guide Number:
  • 20 [without a diffuser]
  • 17 [with supplied -0.5 White Diffuser]
  • Settable Flash Output: 20(FULL) 17(-0.5) 14(-1) 12(-1.5) 10(-2) 8.4(-2.5) 7.1(-3) 5.9(-3.5) 5.0(-4) 4.2(-4.5) 3.5(-5) 3.0(-5.5) (12 steps in 1/2EV increments)
  • Beam Angle:
  • 105°(horizontal) x 95°(vertical) [without a diffuser]
  • 110° x 110°circular beam [with supplied -0.5 white diffuser]
  • Color Temp.:
  • 5500K [flash light, without a diffuser]
  • 5400K [flash light, with supplied -0.5 white diffuser]
  • Recycle Time
  • Approx. 1.5 seconds minimum: ["eneloop" batteries]
  • Approx. 1.5 seconds minimum: [NiMH batteries]
  • Approx. 1.6 seconds minimum: [Alkaline batteries]
  • Approx. 2.1 seconds minimum: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
  • Flash Capacity
  • Approx. 450 flashes: ["eneloop" batteries]
  • Approx. 570 flashes: [NiMH batteries]
  • Approx. 430 flashes: [Alkaline batteries]
  • Approx. 670 flashes: [Lithium 1.5V batteries]
  • Compatible Batteries:
  • AA "eneloop"(HR-3UTG) x 4, or "new generation"NiMH batteries x 4
  • AA NiMH x 4 [good quality] ,
  • AA Alkaline x 4,
  • AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4
  • Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 64mm / 2.5in.
  • Height: 83.1mm / 3.3in.
  • Depth: 106.5mm / 4.2in.
  • Weight:
  • [air] 295g / 10.4oz (without batteries)
  • [underwater] Approx. 69g / 2.4oz (with 4 "eneloop" batteries)
  • Working Temperature: 0°C - 30°C / 32°F - 86°F [water temperature]
  • Storage Temperature: 0°C - 30°C / 32°F - 86°F [air temperature] +50°C / 122°F (temporary allowable temperature limit)
  • Depth Rating: 100m / 328ft
  • Body Material / Color: Polycarbonate resin / red
  • Package Contents: -0.5 White Diffuser, Magnet, Magnet Screw, Spare O-ring (Battery Box), INON Grease, Wireless Connection Kit
Rp 6.679.000,-
Rp 6.250.000,-

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